Sailing Adventure autobiography by Dyana WellsSailing into the full catastrophe of living

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be driven by an overwhelming desire for spiritual experience most of your life?

The first of books of the trilogy by Dyana Wells are now available.

You will explore with Alice through thirty tumultuous years of cycling, tramping, sailing, making love, sitting through spiritual retreats, teaching and raising a family. The books help you taste life through mystical eyes, experience being raised to heaven, and then experience the torment of being plunged to earth when the heart fails.

The books offer a chance to travel with Alice and her family and come to understand why her desire for spiritual experience was so overwhelming, and why she found it so hard to make peace with ordinary living.

The autobiographical honesty and poetical language makes this story compelling. Hang on as you sail off with her into the ocean of stunning sunsets and wild ocean waves.