fiery-swish-panel-200pxThe science of yoga claims that all experience is a combination of the qualities of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space. We know the world and ourselves as the ever-changing fluxing of these elements.

There is something powerful in the direct experience of the elements. When we let them in, in all their power, when we’re being touched, impressed by them, the qualities resonate within us.

Fire and ‘The Yoga of Sailing’

Standing up on deck in fiery sun I see a world brilliantly lit, sharp. A world of light, bright and clear, shining, discriminating the tiniest wobble of a wave, safe. I am warm. The warmth reaches down through my skin, ripening me, like it knows me fully. In the warmth I relax, given up to her blessings, fine pin pricks of energy as the salt focuses the rays. She warms whatever is turned her way.  Sometimes she is harsh, sometimes delicately teasing, continuously engaged with me.

Dyana Wells is a yoga teacher and author — and a sailor whenever there’s an opportunity.

Anchors in an Open Sea is Dyana’s trilogy about the journeys she and her family have undertaken. On boats, on islands, in mountains, in forests, or simply playing on the shore, these spiritual autobiographies record their journeys — inner and outer — from New Zealand to the Pacific islands, from India to Thailand and China.

Dyana explains:

Who am I? Why am I alive? These are questions we all ask, but don’t often know how to look for an answer. The spiritual journey is this questing for answers.